Thorough Assistance With Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance is an essential element of conducting business. Each year, regulations adjust to protect our country's air, water and soil quality and to minimize each company's negative impact on the environment.

It can be difficult for Louisiana business owners to understand the full extent of the local and national regulations, and how they may impact your business decisions. Enow & Associates can work with you to evaluate your business plan and ensure that you comply with all regulations to avoid costly fines. We also represent business owners found in violation of a state or national regulation.

Securing The Proper Environmental Permits

Our firm can partner with you to ensure that your business has the proper permits to operate, transport resources or expand with a new building project. We will work with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to ensure that you have the correct permits and are protected from unnecessary fines. These can include permits for air quality, water quality, hazardous material transportation and more.

We will make sure that your business upholds all regulations, standards and requirements so that you can focus on your daily business operations and growth.

Strong Legal Representation After A Violation

If your business fails to secure the correct permits, or violates a regulation, Enow & Associates can represent you in violation proceedings. We will carefully examine your case from all perspectives, gathering evidence and developing a case strategy that supports your best interests. Depending upon the circumstances of your case, we can look to have the violation dismissed or penalties reduced.

Some issues, such as an oil leak, may be unexpected and unavoidable. We will do our best to limit financial damage to your company and help you move past this concern.

Contact Our Attorney For Diligent Legal Representation

Our ultimate goal is to help your business thrive. We can serve as your trusted legal counsel and provide the in-depth environmental compliance advice you need.

Enow & Associates can also help you officially form your business entity, write strong contracts and facilitate your other transactional needs.

Call our office at 678-894-2524 to schedule a complimentary case consultation. You may also contact our experienced lawyer online. Located in Baton Rouge, we can also travel to your company if you are located in New Orleans, Hammond, Lafayette or one of the other surrounding cities.